Themes and Topics

1. Discourse and Professional Communication: academic discourse, economic discourse, educational discourse, media discourse, medical discourse, political discourse, religious discourse, technical discourse.

2. Language as Discourse: Discourse and Meaning; The Theory and Practice of Discourse Analysis; Taxonomies of Discourse Acts; Speech Act Theory; Conversation Analysis; Turn-taking Theory; Discourse and Corpus Analysis.

3. Discourse and (Inter)Action: Discourse and Interpersonal Rhetoric; The Interpersonal Role of the Cooperative and Politeness Principles; Discourse Strategies; Illocutionary Performatives; Discourse - between Persuasion and Manipulation.

4. Investigating Literary Discourse: Literary Discourse and Text; Dramatic and Theatrical Discourse; Text, Context and Deixis in the Theatre, Schema Theory and Stylistics; Discourse Analysis Approaches to Literature; Grice’s Maxims and Figures of Speech.

5. Discourse and the Translator: Challenges in Translating Discourse: Theoretical and Practical Aspects; Discourse Translation Strategies; Discourse and Web-Based Translation Platforms; Parameters of Discourse Analysis in Translation.

This list is by no means an exhaustive one. Therefore, we welcome other topics included in the general theme of the conference.

Manner of presentation:

DISCI languages:

The language of presentation may be English, French or Romanian.

Accepted papers will be published in English, French or Romanian.